Utility-Connections offer an exceptional utilities-connection service for clients throughout Great Britain. Whether it's a one off development or a chain of restaurants or hotels we can put our years of experience to good use and organise and coordinate the entire process. We provide a business offering that reflects the requirements of the UK's leading developers. We offer a refreshing pro active professional approach not normally associated with the utility industry and stay with projects from concept to completion.


Multi Utility Services.

More and more businesses are opting for the excellent Multi Utility Service, and lower costs provided by Utility-Connections over former monopoly suppliers of utility services.


Gas services.

The UK business gas connection and supply market has undergone significant changes over the years since de-regulation. For most business users, these changes have resulted in a significant increase in prices and costs. We ensure clients are paying only the most competitive business gas prices.


Electricity services.

Utility-Connections have been representing UK businesses for over 18 years, organising their new connections and negotiating the renewal of their electricity supply contracts, and offering appropriate advice on contract structure.


Water services.

The UK water companies have not been de-regulated and opened to competition as the electricity and gas markets, but there are still savings to be made.